Find out how the Umpqua Basin Fish Access Team is working to identify and address barriers to fish passage.

This tool was created to show the locations of and some preliminary information from inventories of fish passage that have been completed in the Umpqua Basin. After you have launched the tool, a map of the Umpqua Basin will appear. On the left, you will see a legend explaining what the various features shown on the map are. On the map, green dots denote the locations of completed inventories. By clicking on a green dot, you will be presented with some preliminary findings, or attributes, from the inventories.

To date, UBFAT has collected fish-passage data on the majority of public lands in Douglas County.  Inventories have been completed on 25-30% of the land in the Umpqua Basin.  Over the last 6 years, UBFAT partners and landowners have used this information to identify barriers and replace them with modern structures that allows the stream to flow naturally and the fish to freely pass.